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  • Torn Souls

    Torn Souls


    Tw: mentions of suicide, suicidal thoughts, death, self harm "You are my moon. You are strange, mysterious, beautiful. You kept me company, like the moon had before you came along." Please …

  • secrets ( dream x oc )

    secrets ( dream x oc )

    Author: ,

    Robin is a streamer who also works at a coffee shop. she loves Minecraft. One day she meets someone who also loves Minecraft and they start hitting it off. …

  • my forever

    my forever


    After a tragic accident involving her dad and the headmaster of a private school meant for the financially wealthy, Remi Carlson, a sixteen-year-old girl who only knows poverty, is …

  • Bleed out /// Wilbur x reader (fem)

    Bleed out /// Wilbur x reader (fem)


    TW//// self harm, body image, scars, abuse flashbacks and nightmares. ⚠️no smut⚠️ "And then I realised no one will ever love me there was a moment of silence then my phone …

  • The Skater Boys

    The Skater Boys


    When Dream and George cross paths they knew it was meant to be. Cover credit to: HOONKI.AH

  • Trapped In A Block-Filled Paradise

    Trapped In A Block-Filled Paradise


    Just a normal Minecraft server. Or so they thought.. Dream and George end up in a Minecraft world. Not knowing where they are, or how they got there they both …

  • mcyt smut & one shots

    mcyt smut & one shots


    mostly dnf bc yeah ... idk what im doing either. expect weekly posts because my lazy ass cant do shit dont promote other books in the comments dnf = dreamnotfound snf = sapnotfound kn …

  • Human n’ Demon (DNF)

    Human n’ Demon (DNF)


    George has been having nightmares for about two years, around five or six times a week. He invites his friend Karl to hang out for the day when he …

  • The Day I Met- You.

    The Day I Met- You.


    Mushroom George was out in the garden picking flowers so that he could decorate his house that he just moved in, but out of the corner of his eyes, …

  • sour candy kisses // DNF FAN FICTION ]]

    sour candy kisses // DNF FAN FICTION ]]


    this is like my first proper fanficton so like its not good ._.

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