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  • Nothing Ever Shines

    Nothing Ever Shines


    Everything and nothing seem to happen when you're young. Mai Huynh knows this well, and as her seventeenth birthday approaches, she feels a reminiscence of grief for the girl …

  • Only His Secretary

    Only His Secretary


    Who hasnt heard of Alessandro Ricci?! When Emily Prescott first joined the law office of Ricci Yamani & Leeman's 3 years ago, she had been wide eyed and bushy …

  • A Walk by Dragons

    A Walk by Dragons


    Josephine Wheeler is kicked out by her drunk father to live with her long-lost biological dad, who happens to be loaded. Not only does she have to learn how …

  • 4 lifersss🖤🤞🏽.

    4 lifersss🖤🤞🏽.


    21 year old kailani moves to New York and meets a bunch of new friends over time that got closer over time and relationships form within the group. (Ion know …

  • Love in December

    Love in December


    Born and raised in Los Angeles Sofia Miller is a 22-year-old clumsy singer and actress who doesn't believe in love. Charles Fleming born and raised in New York is …

  • Lemon Hills

    Lemon Hills


    Cassandra knows what she is giving up when she moves to the little coastal town of Summerton, nestled snugly in-between what the locals affectionately call Lemon Hills. The lemony …

  • Wheel Of Life

    Wheel Of Life


    A not so perfect girl who live in her parents expectation. She never get to do what she want or what she like. Dayana, a 17 y/o high school …

  • Death Can’t Do Us Part

    Death Can’t Do Us Part


    ATTENTION:- This book is a spin-off (or just a second book in the series) to my other book New, Unwritten, Destiny (previously called Where Love Lasts) I would recommend …

  • Static of Blue

    Static of Blue

    Author: , ,

    A tragic tale of scorpion grass.

  • Dear Skylar

    Dear Skylar


    When Skylar discovers her best friend, Hannah loves her, everything changes. What will happen after a playlist is the most important part of their relationship

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