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  • Loving in the mafia

    Loving in the mafia


    When Nova Smith starts working at a new hospital what happened when she meets the man that every girl falls for and every man fears? Nova Smith like everyone else …

  • Unwillingly Married

    Unwillingly Married


    Having a father that has a connection in underground society, Glyn Summers found herself being married to Brian Hawkins. Brian Hawkins, a well-known billionaire and respected man especially in the …




    join this community and make friends and enjoy (only naughty people allowed 😝)

  • The Life Of A Beki

    The Life Of A Beki


    Minsan napapaisip ako bakit ganito ang ang mundo samin bakit kami lagi ang sinasabihan na salot at mga masasakit na salita..... Napapaiyak nalang ako sa sulok.... *SHUTANGINA GAGA KA HINDI TO …

  • Three is better

    Three is better


    Skylar Gray is a 25 year old business woman. She has a beautiful girlfriend. Skylar owns lots of businesses. She is also a beautiful woman. what happens when a …

  • hair rollers and coffee

    hair rollers and coffee


    ''hair rollers and coffee'' is a collection of thoughts and poems of everyday life..

  • Over Drive

    Over Drive


    How love work? Using power? Or using money? Is it true that money can solve all the problem, including love?

  • As If Our Love Is Real

    As If Our Love Is Real


    A story about a girl who try to restart a new life after her father died and a boyfriend who is suffer from a cancer. "Father please don't leave me." "I'm …

  • |Weak Hero| Dawn Na

    |Weak Hero| Dawn Na


    Dawn Na, younger sister of Donald Na, was the childhood friend of Stephen Ahn and cousin of Gray Yeon. This is her story of pain, family, friendships, suffering, and love.

  • Mystique |H.S|

    Mystique |H.S|


    A missing sister. A charming stranger. A high stakes competition where nothing is as it seems. After her missing sister suddenly contacts her after years of silence, Lily is …

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