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  • A Mirror of Eden

    A Mirror of Eden

    Author: ,

    -Book 3- When the Love Received is a Reflection of the Love Given, it is on those fighting for it to ensure the mirror details an oasis of heavenly eden …

  • Like We Used To

    Like We Used To


    After almost a year away from his home town, Noah Duvall is making his grand return. He left abruptly, cutting ties with his friends, leaving things on a estranged …

  • One And Only

    One And Only


    "Trayaksh your grandfather is not well. Come back home as soon as possible." Says Trayaksh mother. On the other hand Visalakshi is gloomy thinking about Trayaksh her love not …

  • All the Love in the Universe

    All the Love in the Universe


    Alec and Marie are two teenage rock stars divided by a tragedy, and a secret too disturbing to divulge. Finding a way to stay together is essential if they …

  • Will Time Mend A Broken Heart💔

    Will Time Mend A Broken Heart💔


    It's been 2 years since Rory has seen or even spoken to Logan .Until one afternoon in London they ran into each other at a coffee shop. What will …

  • Over the river

    Over the river


    One group of friends, a missing brother, and a big river to cross. Can Yu-Min do it to save his brother?

  • Alolan Sunset – Gladion x Reader

    Alolan Sunset – Gladion x Reader


    Y/N is a 14-year-old girl who has just arrived in the Alola Region. She has a very strong bond with her Pokemon, but moving has been hard on her. …

  • I Wish You Were Mine

    I Wish You Were Mine


    DESTINY MILLER your average high school girl who is a nerd, wears glasses, dresses simple, almost non existent to the world . She is in love.with …

  • the moral of the story

    the moral of the story


    meet florence walsh. she's an offbeat sixteen year old stuck in the shadow of her perfect older sister and overlooked by her parents. for almost a year and a …

  • PTX Friends Oneshots

    PTX Friends Oneshots


    Pentatonix's best friends are getting married and having families of their own! This book includes: Alex Kirk, Jake Updegraff, Beau Sloane, Mark Manio, Mason Catt and 1 fictional character Gage …

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