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  • Spy School Oneshots

    Spy School Oneshots


    There's going to be the usual oneshots like truth or dare and a whole lot of other games, but know that I have a lot of my own ideas. …

  • Spy school on the Dunes

    Spy school on the Dunes


    The Spy School crew goes to Egypt. SPYDER is plotting something (once again) and all of the villains they have captured so far have escaped. Will Ben be …

  • Spy School Comeback (discontinued but currently editing)

    Spy School Comeback (discontinued but currently editing)


    will attempt at a summary later :P highest ranks: #1 in BERICA 2020/11/29 #1 in ZOEZIBBEL 2020/11/29

  • Spy School: Outbreak

    Spy School: Outbreak


    (Takes place after SSR, in May 2022) Not going to give a synopsis. If you like Spy School, you will probs like this. Oh btw, this is my first …

  • Spy School- What will happen?

    Spy School- What will happen?


    So-Please don't judge I'll try to write from my heart. Basically the U.S. is about to go to war. I'll start from there. Also if you haven't read Spy School then it …

  • Spy Camp

    Spy Camp


    basicly Ben Ripply and Erica Hale + mike and Zoe all go to summer camp for the time being. (This is my version of spy camp). Ben has been …

  • Spy School : In The Weeds

    Spy School : In The Weeds


    She's the top spy at the Academy of Espionage, an ace at camouflage, reconnaissance and all things spy. She's the one and only, Erica Hale. But on one faithful day, …

  • Lemon-AID



    What happens when spy school takes a vacation during the summer, Will there break be calming or will it be full or action? FIRST SPY SCHOOL INTERACTIVE FANFIC! I'm very …

  • Spy School: Shock Wave

    Spy School: Shock Wave


    BEING RE-WRITTEN. SERIOUSLY, THIS IS SO BAD. Spy school, characters, etc. belongs to Stuart Gibbs Zoe, Ben, Erica, and Mike suddenly get hit with a shock wave which makes them forget …

  • Spy School – Back to Basics [2]

    Spy School – Back to Basics [2]


    [Sequel to Spy School - Nemesis] AGENT: Ben Ripley MISSION: Operation M&M's: Find SKITTLE's new leader (aka Adan Alonso's girlfriend), and take SKITTLES down for good. OBJECTIVES: 1. Enroll into your old …

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