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  • The book of tales

    The book of tales


    I'll be writing short stories and yes I do take requests. Genres: Horror, thriller, romance and action.

  • Liberty  | ongoing

    Liberty | ongoing


    "I love you, forever and always," my head rests against his. "You are my liberty." ~~~~~ Augustus Reed, heir to the Spartans, he hates everyone... except for her. The one he …

  • Broken Hearts Bleed The Same Way

    Broken Hearts Bleed The Same Way


    After witnessing abusive relationships and losing the only one thing that kept her going. Elysia Marie moves to New York and finds a new job that will allow her …

  • Moraya



    this is my life. Dia Moraya Senja, nama yang indah namun dibalik nama itu ada sejuta luka yang tidak bisa diceritakan. ada cerita kehidupan yang tertata rapi digaris takdir, Dia …

  • Her Only Chance

    Her Only Chance


    HER ONLY CHANCE, EDITED NEW VERSION!!!! ------------------------ My mother spread her arms frantically gesturing at nothing. "Everyone who has signed up and left for the Resdue here has never returned!" "They were …

  • The Bad Boys Target (#1 Royal Academy Series)

    The Bad Boys Target (#1 Royal Academy Series)


    ''Hey, dollface.'' He shouted behind me. I hissed and pretend not to hear anything. Maybe if I ignore them, they would go away like in the nightmares. ''Hey, Dollface!'' Please …

  • She’s mine

    She’s mine


    Vanessa Sokolova ran from Russia with her family to New York. She ran from her crazy ex. Jack Ivanov. He's obsessed with her. But what happens when she is …

  • Fernandez {Ongoing}

    Fernandez {Ongoing}


    Saphira Nora Costello. A 23 year old assassin. After avenging her parents and sisters death nothing felt the same. At the end of the day, she was still the …

  • Pictures Of Us

    Pictures Of Us


    Serena Mathers takes on a whole new definition of "troubled teen" especially after a fireworks incident lands her in the ER and under close police watch. Now with nine …

  • Tøska



    Park Eun-Byul is a 20 year old living in Seoul. She was adopted by one of the most powerful and influential Park family when she was 2 years old. …

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