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  • Mafias son

    Mafias son


    " miss yn will you be my mother??" He asked with hope. Hope that I would say yes. "But your father doesn't accept me yoon. I'm not good for …

  • Fire Starter at White Day High

    Fire Starter at White Day High


    Lucas Martin had never been so tolerant since his transfer to White Day High after being expelled from Aspho. He would recklessly use his newly-discovered Fire Starter skills to …

  • broken souls

    broken souls


    After my dad left, nothing was the same. I couldn't even stay at that house anymore, all it brought me was flashbacks I tried so hard to forget. New …

  • You Are My Home

    You Are My Home


    Third Installment to my other two book's, Webbed Up In Love and The Amazing Spider-Woman. This is the story of Cate in The MCU! Read the story to find out …

  • Shadow of Elements

    Shadow of Elements


    It was an era of peace for the Maverick Hunters. However, one of them is not feeling at ease because of her prophetic nightmares. It is hinted that an …

  • Poisonous Hearts (Moriarty the Patriot: William x Reader Fanfiction)

    Poisonous Hearts (Moriarty the Patriot: William x Reader Fanfiction)


    "You want me to stop?" Moriarty-sama smirked as he left a hickey on my neck. Holding my hands above my head. "You're so weak that you can't even push me …

  • The Dark Princess

    The Dark Princess


    The story is about a princess who has hidden powers but doesn't know that her powers are able to hunt down the monsters from another realm. Will she able to …

  • “ReWrite”



    [Nine Lives of Deity] an unpublished novel, rejected by many publishing companies I've been, I give up and also labeled it as the worst novel I wrote. I died …

  • Fictional character oneshots

    Fictional character oneshots


    You can request anime and live action character doesn't matter the gender. I only do Female and male readers ( you have to request a gender) because I don't …

  • Rogue Ranger

    Rogue Ranger


    Status: COMPLETE "Everybody's staring." "That's exactly what I was going for." Ji Hoon said. "Why?" Laura asked. Ji Hoon studied her eyes for a moment. "Trust me, Laura." He said. He stopped …

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