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  • Newtypes in the lylat system

    Newtypes in the lylat system


    This is a star fox event horizon story I know I've done this one's but this one is staying I'm not going to delete this one I've already figured …

  • HNS Takedown

    HNS Takedown


    17 year old Celine is forced to tell her best friend that she is an assassin responsible for the safety of her country. A series of events sees Celine falling …

  • Be with Me (Book Two, Riding the Changing Winds)

    Be with Me (Book Two, Riding the Changing Winds)


    A motor-mouth southern belle tries playing detective only to collide with a dangerously sexy biker. Ellie Robinson takes it upon herself to secretly vacay to Sunny Valley, Alabama on her …

  • My love — M.Mayfield x Fem! oc

    My love — M.Mayfield x Fem! oc


    "I loved her" Stranger things 2-3 Max Mayfield x Fem! oc (also includes Nancy Wheeler x Fem! oc)




    Burvington Preparatory Academy. Home of the "Burlie" Boys, The richest , said to be strongest and some of the most genius minds in Britain. The 4 most powerful boys …

  • yuimaru; h. junho

    yuimaru; h. junho


    ✶ "So, let's escape together." Sobong Ahnjong is one of the very few women working as a police officer in Korea. Hwang Junho never …

  • In Z Finite

    In Z Finite


    This is the story of Zarco, a young guy with a magic stone and not much else, and Caelum, a wingless "angel". "Caelum -That's stupid... Zarco -Eh, it is..." Ahem, anyway, a lot of …

  • Hearts on Thin Ice || Hawks x Reader [COMPLETED]

    Hearts on Thin Ice || Hawks x Reader [COMPLETED]


    After a patrol gone horribly wrong, (Y/N) Todoroki now finds herself working as a sidekick for the current number three pro hero Hawks. While working to grow stronger in …

  • The Eternal Soldier Reincarnates

    The Eternal Soldier Reincarnates


    In the end he died. This is the story of a man who had watched the end of everything and then was offered the future of a new beginning ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Warning …

  • Worldholder’s Black Sparks

    Worldholder’s Black Sparks


    Young Daedalus Adurere has just been crowned Princeps and has inherited the solemn responsibility of safeguarding the Trellis, an ancient artifact given to humanity by a god to augment …

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